Rewards from re-teaching (54 out of 365) #blogaday #sol15

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​I normally try to space out which page gets a post (once a week rotation usually), BUT today was such a great experience with my re-teaching, I just couldn’t leave it behind in my memories. I looked for a few hours yesterday for a good activity to help the students understand the concept of fraction multiplication and area models – there aren’t that many out there! I found two different task card “games” and a packet. My CT taught the regular math lesson today during the allotted time for the math subject, and she said I could do my re-teaching before lunch after a guest speaker. I was nervous that they might not want to do math after an exciting talk from a police officer! This class of fifth graders get very excited from competitions, so I decided that each table group would be working together to try and achieve the most correct answers. Right away, they were asking “WHAT DO WE WIN?” “HOW do we win?” “is this GRADED?” They were so focused for the whole hour until lunch 🙂 There were only a few complaints from students who didn’t understand something but once they got extra help, they were good to go. successful reteach post1I could tell from my observations that the students were understanding it better, which made me happy. But having my CT send this email after school just warmed me heart:

“I just wanted to compliment you on your lesson today. You did a great job reteaching and I feel the students had a good understanding. Even with being such an active activity, kids were on task and you worked hard at walking around and managing the students. Nice job!”

Having an experienced teacher and my mentor this term make a comment like that really validated that teaching is for me. I didn’t need her to email me, but it showed that she appreciates what I do in her classroom. I was a bit worried last week because I got frustrated teaching math a few times, but it is the moments like this that help me persevere!successful reteach post2

Random student praise: the class was working on narrative writing today and I thought I would share one of the similes that a girl added in after some examples – “the hammock crumbled like a spider’s web in  the wind.” Children are so brilliant once they find their flame!

5 thoughts on “Rewards from re-teaching (54 out of 365) #blogaday #sol15

  1. Congratulations on a lesson gone well. Those are so needed because we get to have plenty that derail as we go along too. I also like the squiggly one to success.

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  2. That squiggly line represents the path to success in so many areas, including teaching, which you described in your post. Over the course of a day, one can feel successful, frustrated, optimistic, worried, exhausted, or related. Teaching is definitely a roller coaster!

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