Fun music campaign! Share your favorite songs #MusicManiaNow

I love music! DON’T YOU? It is an important mood changer, motivator, inspiration, and part of life. Without music, my world would be very quiet…I listen to records, shuffle songs, or music podcasts at some point during every day. Even at work, I need some background music to inspire the children to write creatively or […]

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My new blog :)

Hi Followers!

I will still be using newTeachrtips on occasion (in the Teaching tools or My First Year Teaching pages) but I will mainly be posting on my new site called Hannah’s Happenings – it is where I will talk about my life experiences with my cat, music, food, my teaching jobs, general reflections, and working out! Since it is a new blog and has one follower (who is myself!), I wanted to do a post to draw you all from this blog to PLEASE follow my new one 🙂