A part of my apartment (324 out of 365) #blogaday

Moving day is done! It wasn’t too bad – took a few hours to fill up the truck and got help on the other end with speedy mover men 🙂 the place looks very nice and I look forward to unpacking and setting up some more. Bringing over Patches tomorrow as well so hope he likes his new home!


Holidays now? How? (320 out of 365) #blogaday

Wow, I cannot believe it is already the day before Thanksgiving! I wrote my very first post around this time about the true meaning of the holiday and how to teach it in schools – I only have 45 more days until January 8 when I started the #blogaday 😮 This year is going by so fast and I am thrilled that I got to annotate it through my blog. The holidays will feel a bit different this year though because I don’t really get a break due to my job (just the actual holidays and sometimes, a few days after). I’ll have to get in the spirit through the children at work and on the weekends with family and friends when the festivities get going 🙂


Sometimes the brightest smiles cover the darkest realities

This is a very calming post – I love that children can find the happiness in their every day lives! (even if their circumstances are pretty rough)

Teaching the Teacher

You know the kid.

The one who greats you every day with a big smile.

The one who never complains.

The one who looks for good in every situation.

Yet you know the child’s background, you watch and listen,  not knowing what tomorrow may bring.

You might not have the solutions, but a an ear for those in need.

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Tracks with trains (317 out of 365) #blogaday

This week, our unit is “things that go” – we decided to change our sensory table into sand and vehicles so the children can practice driving and notice the patterns in the tracks. They were loving it when we set it up on Friday. I am excited to see their interactions and discoveries as the unit goes on! P6_058cI posted two today because I ran out of time yesterday 😮