Take the pain out of complain (53 out of 365) #blogaday #sol15

SOL Day 2 ​
DISCLAIMER: Yesterday marked the beginning of another challenge called the “Slice of Life” challenge. It involves posting a tidbit of your life for the month of March and commenting on other blogger’s stories as well. My posts will pretty much remain the same but might have more reflecting in them.

slice of life logoLast year, I started going to physical therapy for my neck and shoulders because I have bad posture and feel the need to crack my neck; it eases the strain most of the time. My doctor gave me stretches to do every day or when I am in pain, and I have been keeping up with them. Today, I woke up with my neck in a knot on one side. I tried stretching it out, massaging it, adding heat, leaning to one side – if you can name it, I did it! Throughout the day of me resting on the couch, I started thinking about how this might affect my day tomorrow. In my graduate program, we are required to teach three consecutive lessons, assess, and re-teach based on the scores. I have already taught the three lessons, but now must do the re-teach and re-assess tomorrow.Man With Back AcheThe fact that I will probably still be in pain from my neck by the morning connected with the need of being aware about what children bring into the classroom with them from home. I will be bringing in physical pain, but will try to keep a strong face and many of my students could be doing the same with their pain (physical or emotional). It is important not to assume that a student is unmotivated because they are slacking off – there is probably an explanation from outside of school. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is necessary to keep in mind at all times with teaching and when student’s behaviors.

(to the tune of Rain, Rain, go away)

​Pain, pain, go away

You are affecting the wrong day

I need to teach this math lesson

Please let me make a difference!

8 thoughts on “Take the pain out of complain (53 out of 365) #blogaday #sol15

  1. It’s so important (but hard) to understand the pain our kiddos might be facing as they walk in. Good for you to keep this top of mind, even with your own pain. Hope tomorrow’s a better day.

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  2. Thank you for this fresh, honest post. You are absolutely right- we all enter the day/classroom with pain of various kinds. Children often cannot even identify their pain as such, and it may emerge as anger. I also have to say I liked the way you lightened it up and ended with a poem!

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  3. I can’t tell you how many times I have gone to school sick or with a horrible headache because it’s easier to just go in than write sub plans. It’s not always the best thing, to put yourself second, when it comes to your health. That being said, your reminder that our students bring with them their own struggles and pains is an important one. Unless we get to know our students and the lives they lead, we can never truly understand what motivates them (or doesn’t).

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    • yeah, the teacher I am observing now has told she feels awful but was at school because she doesn’t want to leave her students with someone else with short notice – it is hard when you are passionate and dedicated to your class of kids! My courses have discussed the home life a lot and the importance of taking it account; I remind myself of it in many of my posts to keep it in the back of my mind! thanks for commenting!


  4. Your experience with neck pain and relating to the varied types of pain your students might bring with them to school runs sort of a parallel to this challenge – part of why we are writing is to build our lives as writers and better relate to the work our students do as writers. Interesting. Thanks for sharing. I hope you feel better.


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