Living the licensed life!

I officially got the email today saying my teacher’s preliminary license has been approved!! All my schooling has been shown its reward 🙂 I have an interview on Friday for an ESL part-time job, and I should be part of the substitute program (now that my references have gone through!) Life is really coming together – BUT I need to let myself fall into slumber so I am not too exhausted tomorrow at my current job with toddlers!

This is my last post in my field placement page as well as getting through grad school! I have my master’s and my license in my hands – feels good 😀


Music to mellow the manic soul #sol17

With everything that is going on in America right now, I have found myself getting respite from songs. I love listening to a wide variety of music, but some days, I need a certain vibe to help me pretend that all is ok with the world (or myself). 

All Songs Considered did a podcast in which they chose songs that were written for protest, the link is to my favorite – it is called “Work” by Charlotte Day Wilson. The lyric that empowers me the most is                                              

“it’s going to take a bit of work..now that you’re here..woah oh work

The video also only shows women and members of he LGBTQ community, according to the artist, which on its own shows gumption. 

I love being moved by music! 


Pathological Pain #sol17

The body – 

Easily changed from fluid to fragile, young to old, peppy to passive in the blink of an eye.

The smallest movement and it’s incapacitated. 

Unsure how to get out of the funk and squalor of the throbbing tweak.

Relaxation and medication only numb my mind.

Need it to feel like my whole self again.

Warmed and iced is a temporary fix.

My body is my temple and soul and been cursed with a shoulder that was pulled from the slight over-reach while being vain. Please ease the pain.