Cooperating at the carpet (203 out of 365) #blogaday

Having something like this song as students come to the carpet is a great way to hold them accountable for how they act while they sit and listen, or participate. It involves visual cues, like criss-cross and quiet, that students can relate to as well as allowing the teacher to show the motions. carpet song


Uprooting my room (202 out of 365) #blogaday

Today, I finish packing up my place and move out tomorrow afternoon. Even though I already moved most of my stuff out of this apartment at the beginning of summer school, this time should be more real – I won’t be coming back here 😦 – only to visit friends! I am going to take pictures, and do the iconic “goodbye” to the place I lived for two years! It’s crazy that my senior year and graduate school year are over 😮 Everyone is doing their own life now, and it is going to be an odd transition to get used to.


Pursuing poolside (200 out of 365) #blogaday

200 POSTS!

As a last graduate school hurrah, one of my friends and I are going to relax by the pool with our books. It doesn’t sound like celebrating, but it will be nice to chat and see each other again before we both have to pack up our places. True friends can simply hang out without the need to do anything spectacular. I still can’t believe grad school is over! I’ll be working on my final paper later today or tomorrow, and packing up my apartment soon. This will probably be my last “Getting through grad school” post!


Work in one week?! (199 out of 365) #blogaday

As friends are starting to leave and I have to finish my assignment, I am realizing that I start work one week from tomorrow! I am excited, but also nervous – it will be a different stage in my life, and scary to think that my college days are over 😮 My friends and I are becoming real adults, and it is crazy how fast this graduate program went. I have to make the most of this last week with people because it will be different and difficult once work begins.

One of the posts I wrote today is for yesterday…it is getting more difficult to remember to blog!


Woman vs. Nature (198 out of 365) #blogaday

Yesterday, I decided to float down the river with some friends who were heading back home now that the program was done. I have done it a multitude of times, and it didn’t cross my mind that we could get hurt. Boy, was I wrong! Nothing catastrophic happened to us, BUT we kept going down the heavier rapids side of the river – which meant we were hitting more rocks and having to hold on to our tubes for dear life 😮 I ended up being the one who was pretty scraped up. I have a huge welt on my back and quite a few bruises. It was painful in the moment, but I could see the fun side to it. Now that my body isn’t as sore, I’m glad we went because it was a good last adventure 🙂


Planning with Piggie & Elephant (197 out of 365) #blogaday

I was introduced to Piggie & Elephant books in the Spring Kindergarten class. We read “We are in a book,” and “Can I play too?” – they were very fun, and taught children messages. I had heard of a few of the ones mentioned in this post, but I’m glad there are so many more!! They are entertaining stories that the students love 🙂

Nerdy Book Club

Elephant & Piggie books are favorites amongst our classrooms of readers. They are picked up and read and shared and shared again each day. Not only do Elephant & Piggie books make us laugh out loud, they also cleverly teach us lessons. Children’s picture books are a key component in helping kids connect to authentic learning experiences and Elephant and Piggie capture that authenticity as they teach, inspire and help kids grow.

We’ve found many lessons that Elephant & Piggie share with readers.


  1. Imagination

1-I'm a Frog

I’m a Frog

“Pretending is when you act like something you are not.”

“You can just go out and pretend to be something you are not!?”

“Sure. Everyone pretends.”

“Even grown-up people?”

“All the time.”

Elephant & Piggie teach us to use our imagination to pretend to be anything we want. Everyone pretends – even adults! Imagining is a big part of childhood and who better…

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Talking about trees (196 out of 365) #blogaday


It is important to talk to students about nature, but I feel like most teachers focus on animals or the seasons – trees are a large part of what children see when they go outside. Observations of trees and the different types would help them understand more about their effect on trees, as well as how trees make a difference in their lives. This article goes into a deeper understanding than I would do with my young students, but it reminded me that trees should be discussed in science.


BBQ to meet the NEW (194 out of 365) #blogaday

Today, we have a BBQ to wrap up the end of the our year, and the beginning of the new cohort’s year. It will be interesting to compare how we were when we started to what we are like now. Even though it is only one year, there has been a BIG change in most of the graduate students – we have actual teaching jobs and have grown through the field placement work. I wish the best for the new members!