Forget about the fear with friends (55 out of 365) #blogaday #sol15

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Entering a group text message 

“Hey! It’s good to hear your voice! How have you been?”

“How is graduate school?”

“What’s work like?”

“I’ve been so busy!”

“Miss you!”

I recently decided to text my best friends from high school – we usually see each other every Winter holiday season due to the break from school. This year, it didn’t work out because they are all out of school and working in various careers that only gave a couple days off for Christmas. Missing December 24-26 was out of the question because it is such a family affair WHICH I LOVE. I have been talking to my friends briefly here and there, but it is nice to catch up with them (even if it isn’t an hour long lunch of us all sharing stories!) There is something about chatting that brings us back to high school days and gushing over the newest drama. Even though it has only been five years since then, it feels like a long time has passed. We are getting jobs or already have jobs, working all day with school or clients, and dressing professionally more than not. friends postSeeing them succeeding brilliantly at “real” adult life helps calm me down for the full-time teaching term to come, and starting job interviews. It reassures me that it can be done because the girls I matured with and who were my anchor in college sound very excited by their jobs and are living happy lives. My friends in graduate school and from college help with the every day worries and freakouts that arise as well 🙂 It is important to use your friends, not to vent, but to listen to their adventures. It definitely helps when I can imagine what’s going on with them and tell them the exciting parts of my life. friends post2


4 thoughts on “Forget about the fear with friends (55 out of 365) #blogaday #sol15

    • Those old friends become the rocks you can depend on as your life changes through the years. It was harder to keep in touch with my high school friends in the late 80s, unless I was willing to sit down and write a letter (no email, no cell phones, payphone in the dorm hallway). Now, with texting and Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it’s easier to keep those connections.

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