Living the licensed life!

I officially got the email today saying my teacher’s preliminary license has been approved!! All my schooling has been shown its reward 🙂 I have an interview on Friday for an ESL part-time job, and I should be part of the substitute program (now that my references have gone through!) Life is really coming together – BUT I need to let myself fall into slumber so I am not too exhausted tomorrow at my current job with toddlers!

This is my last post in my field placement page as well as getting through grad school! I have my master’s and my license in my hands – feels good 😀


The time has come!

Over this past holiday weekend, I realized that I only have 9 more days (8 now!) left on the term before I am heading back home 😮 This term has been immensely more successful in terms of my teaching and the positivity of the teachers around me. I have actually been able to teach full days with my cooperating teacher out of the room, or even not at school at all! There was a day when she had a substitute and I was completely on my own for management and organizing the day. I was nervous, but she gave me her confidence and the students did not turn the classroom upside down – heck, they almost tied with me in the point system I use! There are always certain parts of some days where the students are chattier and we have to stop more often to wait; however, I would not at all consider this term a failure. I have learned that I still love teaching elementary, and have grown confidence in myself as a teacher and with building relationships with my students. The same students that move my cooperating teacher through the roof have pushed my buttons as well, but by taking some of their rewards away, they were aware that I was in charge.


Tomorrow is my last time for teaching all day..this is bittersweet – on one hand, I am exhausted and ready for a break, BUT I love the students and have really gotten into the rhythm of how to teach the third grade class. I have applied to many jobs and submitted my EdTPA for approval – now I am just waiting to hear! I really want to have an actual job in January, and a passing mark for my license is a must 🙂 I plan to give many people Thank You notes and/or flowers for all of their help this term with financial issues, registering issues, and general help along my journey! I know I still have 8 days until I actually leave, but I am already feeling the ache in my heart for the kids and the experience. I will also miss my current roommate and her cat very much – we plan to see each other often though!



How ’bout a haiku?

The beginning of the term is starting next week, and I have been in the third grade classroom for two weeks already – I am in a much better mindset about my full-time teaching! I took over some lessons for a few days this week when my teacher was away and they went very well 🙂 I’m just hoping for the best now as the term starts. I wrote a Haiku to get out my thoughts…
Teaching, my passion
Last college term is starting
Hope it’s a great one!



Inching along with interviews (153 out of 365) #blogaday

This will be the last FIELD PLACEMENT post for a while! (maybe forever :o)

Since the student teaching part of my program is over, I won’t have anything to share about it anymore. It’s weird that I am in the last term of the masters!

I have a few interviews setup these last few weeks of my break before school starts. I look forward to getting back out there with jobs, and making myself confident! One of the interviews next week is a working interview, where I copy a lesson from the head teacher. It should be nice to be back in the classroom, and teaching kids 🙂 I want to know what the lessons are about now! But part of it is being able to follow the model of the lead teacher on how they teach it. All these interviews are important, so I will try my best at the ones this week – it is also getting back in the feel of it for next weeks. Wish me luck!


Quick finds for quirky books (149 out of 365) #blogaday

This book seems like a very fun read-aloud! It has complex characters, a silly cat, mysteries that could bring predictions, an interesting premise. As a future teacher, it is important to have a wide range of children’s books to choose from – and I have a pretty limited one at the moment. Blogs about books, like this one, are extremely helpful 🙂

A Reading Corner

PIE is a charming novel.PIE

Not surprisingly, it’s about pie. And a cat named Lardo. And a young girl named Alice. And Alice’s beloved Aunt Polly (famous for her pies and her selfless gifts) who passes away leaving her prized secret recipe for pie crust to Lardo, the cat. And Lardo is left to the care of Alice. Many questions arise. Where is the secret recipe? How is Lardo in charge of this recipe? And what is Alice to do with Lardo, the cranky cat who really doesn’t like anyone? Alice needs help to find these answers…and solve the mystery of the green Chevrolet and the mysterious people who show up in town…also on the hunt for the secret pie recipe….

This book will give readers the opportunity to discuss friendship and family, while reading about Alice, Aunt Polly and Lardo. Yet the book is also a mystery – a…

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Setting up subtraction (146 out of 365) #blogaday

We worked on introducing number lines with the Kindergarteners this term. I liked this way of showing them templates, as a good tool.


1. Subtraction with Number Lines

This week my Grade 2’s have been learning about subtraction! We have been talking about all the various subtraction strategies and practising using each one! We used number lines to help us with our counting back. I also got the children to record their number sentences. As an extension activity, I got some children to create their own number lines using blank templates.

Art aloud (137 out of 365) #blogaday

Incorporating artists into read-alouds is a great way to have the children broaden their horizons as they are hearing a fun story. I wasn’t aware of these books before this post, so I appreciate that it was in my feed!

A Reading Corner

5 Artist Picture Books

DiegoDiegoby Jeanette Winter

Written by Jeanette Winter, this book will captivate you with illustrations and the story of Diego Rivera (in Spanish and English). The story is informative for all ages and conveys Diego Rivera’s celebration of Mexican culture and the people of his country. The story serves as an excellent introduction to his artwork and life. Older students can continue their research to delve more into his childhood and later, his move to Paris and back to Mexico, especially as this influenced his artwork. Students will learn about his murals as well as his passion for social justice.

VivaFridaViva Frida

by Yuyi Morales

Frida Kahlo, Mexico’s celebrated artist and passionate woman is seen through vivid language and poetry – all accompanied by lush, vibrant and colorful illustrations. The poem is told in both English and Spanish, and celebrates Frida with strong verbs and a style that evokes Frida’s…

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Students share some stories (129 out of 365) #blogaday

You never know the things that will stick with students. This seems like a very good idea to get them remembering and bonding. I did a “goodbye” book when I left last term from the fifth grade class, in which the students wrote memories about me teaching. I had a similar surprise with the responses – the children didn’t write what I expected them to remember but I still made an impact and that’s what matters!

Teaching the Teacher

This week the children in my class wrote a quick paragraph for their yearbook. Aside from setting up some scaffolds with the class some sentence starters and helping with spelling and punctuation I left the children to it.

As I read over what the children’s highlights strong patterns emerged. What the kids said they’d remember from their time in my class was:

  • The friendships they developed.
  • The class photography trip into Singapore.
  • Using technology in class.
  • Developing independence in their learning.
  • Having a strong relationship with me.

What’s not on this list?

The writing techniques we learned and, to my dismay, the books that we read together. The maths the kids learned or the concepts we explored in class. The crazy cardboard creativity day or the class party we had last year.

In the end, you can have a solid curriculum, plan the most amazing lessons, have the clearest learning intentions but if relationships aren’t there…

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Book about the brave (125 out of 365) #blogaday

Books like this can be very fun for children to see fears that they feel portrayed by animals. Young children need to see actions of overcoming fears, so they know that it is possible for them. Fears are also difficult for many children to discuss because they don’t want to seem vulnerable among their friends – their fears may seem silly to classmates as well. This book looks very cute and inspiring 🙂

The Picture Book Review

Daredevil Duck desperately wants to be brave, but holy moley can it be hard!  Some things are too dark, too fluttery, too wet, and too high — and those things can really make it hard for a little duck to be brave.

To make things harder, there is the loud, obnoxious gang waiting on the sidelines to taunt and tease him — and dub him “Scaredy Duck”.  They’re not helpful, but fortunately not particularly harmful — and Daredevil Duck shakes off their taunts.

One day, while Daredevil Duck is dreaming about being brave and floating down an awesome inner tube, a friendly mole pops out and surprises him.  Poor Daredevil Duck! This unexpected encounter jostled him so badly that he grabs his tricycle and peddles as fast as he can through the dark woods, fluttery leaves, deep puddles, and over the high, high hills and is so befuddled that he lands…

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