Rain drops keep falling on my head 

It was odd not putting #blogaday and the number of posts! 

I came up with a fun activity for the weather unit, and it turned out so well:) We made rain with beads and glitter glue – I put them on the wall today after drying, and only a few beads fell off! 

There are some changes arriving soon with management and my classroom, but I really feel like things are coming together.

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Talented Teacher Time (315 out of 365) #blogaday

This teacher is doing so much in her classroom! Way to go 🙂 I really want to strive to be THIS successful when I get my license and become an elementary teacher. I love this iPad work and shape activities as well – the students are really getting to explore the shapes and question each other with the headbands. Well done “im4students!”

im 4 students

run-turkey-timeWe did A LOT of learning on our iPads this week.  We created Keynote presentations about shapes,  we learned how to read eBooks on our iPads and discovered how to access a new app we will begin using in our classroom called eBackpack.  See?  We did a lot of good learning on our iPads!  But . . . that’s not where the learning stopped.  We also played a shape game, listened to an author read aloud to us, and continued to write our teaching books.  Continue to read below to see us in action!  Also, be sure to read about our upcoming ABC123 Night – you don’t want to miss it!  Thanks for visiting our blog!

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  • Math Work – Shape Presentations, Games and a Snack
  • iPad Learning
  • Visiting Kirkwood Author
  • ABC123 Night!
  • REPEAT – Kirkwood Public Library:
  • A Smile for You!

Conversation Starters:

  • This week, you heard another book that has been…

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Smooth sailing (293 out of 365) #blogaday

Teaching can be tough, so it is always important to remember the happy and successful days. Today was one of the days – we had a great time creating wreaths, and everyone helped each other out with ripping the tissue paper and spelling names. Naptime went smoothly (even though only a few friends were asleep) because the children were calm on their mats with puzzles and coloring. AND we had a new girl tour the room who loved it and her mom signed her up to start next week! The rest of this week should be fun since it is a Halloween sticker treat on Friday, and I have an earlier shift tomorrow which will make a difference with when I handle certain situations. Hurray to a good middle of the week!


Success in the site! (236 out of 365) #blogaday

I am very glad I put together the newsletter and class website! So far, I have had a few parents saying they looked at the site and are enjoying it 🙂 This will be an exciting process to keep up with the parents in a technological way – it is only the first week, and there is a great following already. I grabbed one of the schedule’s for the month to post today, which will be useful for families who don’t check the children’s cubbies all the time. While I am on vacation next week and most of the week after, I am going to ask my coteacher or substitute to take pictures as well as send me updates on what activities they do (so I can keep up with the weekly blog and newsletter while being away).


Forget about the fear with friends (55 out of 365) #blogaday #sol15

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Entering a group text message 

“Hey! It’s good to hear your voice! How have you been?”

“How is graduate school?”

“What’s work like?”

“I’ve been so busy!”

“Miss you!”

I recently decided to text my best friends from high school – we usually see each other every Winter holiday season due to the break from school. This year, it didn’t work out because they are all out of school and working in various careers that only gave a couple days off for Christmas. Missing December 24-26 was out of the question because it is such a family affair WHICH I LOVE. I have been talking to my friends briefly here and there, but it is nice to catch up with them (even if it isn’t an hour long lunch of us all sharing stories!) There is something about chatting that brings us back to high school days and gushing over the newest drama. Even though it has only been five years since then, it feels like a long time has passed. We are getting jobs or already have jobs, working all day with school or clients, and dressing professionally more than not. friends postSeeing them succeeding brilliantly at “real” adult life helps calm me down for the full-time teaching term to come, and starting job interviews. It reassures me that it can be done because the girls I matured with and who were my anchor in college sound very excited by their jobs and are living happy lives. My friends in graduate school and from college help with the every day worries and freakouts that arise as well 🙂 It is important to use your friends, not to vent, but to listen to their adventures. It definitely helps when I can imagine what’s going on with them and tell them the exciting parts of my life. friends post2


Rewards from re-teaching (54 out of 365) #blogaday #sol15

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​I normally try to space out which page gets a post (once a week rotation usually), BUT today was such a great experience with my re-teaching, I just couldn’t leave it behind in my memories. I looked for a few hours yesterday for a good activity to help the students understand the concept of fraction multiplication and area models – there aren’t that many out there! I found two different task card “games” and a packet. My CT taught the regular math lesson today during the allotted time for the math subject, and she said I could do my re-teaching before lunch after a guest speaker. I was nervous that they might not want to do math after an exciting talk from a police officer! This class of fifth graders get very excited from competitions, so I decided that each table group would be working together to try and achieve the most correct answers. Right away, they were asking “WHAT DO WE WIN?” “HOW do we win?” “is this GRADED?” They were so focused for the whole hour until lunch 🙂 There were only a few complaints from students who didn’t understand something but once they got extra help, they were good to go. successful reteach post1I could tell from my observations that the students were understanding it better, which made me happy. But having my CT send this email after school just warmed me heart:

“I just wanted to compliment you on your lesson today. You did a great job reteaching and I feel the students had a good understanding. Even with being such an active activity, kids were on task and you worked hard at walking around and managing the students. Nice job!”

Having an experienced teacher and my mentor this term make a comment like that really validated that teaching is for me. I didn’t need her to email me, but it showed that she appreciates what I do in her classroom. I was a bit worried last week because I got frustrated teaching math a few times, but it is the moments like this that help me persevere!successful reteach post2

Random student praise: the class was working on narrative writing today and I thought I would share one of the similes that a girl added in after some examples – “the hammock crumbled like a spider’s web in  the wind.” Children are so brilliant once they find their flame!