Nervousness knocking on my noggin! (96 out of 365) #blogaday

I have figured out that the more I take over the class this term, the more nervous I feel. I think it’s because it means I am getting closer to having my own class of students. I am excited about it, but there is much to do for aligning the standards and big pressure on making a difference in the student’s knowledge. I believe that I can do it, and will be a good teacher – however, there is something scary about getting up in front of the kids and teaching them. nervous postNervousness is normal when it comes to starting a new chapter in one’s life. Last term, it was more exciting and fun to take over the class. I was surprised how nervous I was today when i took over some morning parts of the day, on top of the afternoon ones. AND tomorrow, I am teaching the WHOLE afternoon which I am feeling comfortable doing, but I know I will be freaking out beforehand. Even if I feel calm, my body knows I should be worrying (i sweat, my throat dries, and I get hot). It’s crazy! I really love teaching, but it is surprisingly scary to be in charge of a whole class. I could just rant on and on about this, and this post is beginning to sound the same, so I will stop now 🙂

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