Positive about pampering (95 out of 365) #blogaday

I was starting to get stressed out about how tired I was, and breaking down this weekend. I really needed time to relax because this week was very busy with the job fair, bus trip, baby shower, and school. This term isn’t as stressful as last term, but it is just getting more difficult not to break down because of exhaustion – I go to bed very early (at about 10:30 or 11), so it isn’t from staying up too late. Teaching takes a lot of time and energy to stay excited for the students, so I am wiped when I come home. Today, I got my nails done with my roommate and we wandered around the mall a little bit. I didn’t even think about placement for about three hours. They were much needed and very rejuvenating 🙂 It is important to take time for yourself to just reflect, and not think about anything but what is happening right then. I am very glad that I had a spa day for a few hours today, and I need to relax more often on the weekends. pamper post pamper post2


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