Everything Easter (68 out of 365) #blogaday #sol15

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As you know, Easter is the first weekend of April. It is also the Sunday before the second week of my full-time teaching! I was thinking I would do a fun Easter-related activity with the children. I found an art project that goes with a story called “Rabbityness.” It is about a rabbit who does things differently than other rabbits. He is into the arts, like painting and music, and the rest of the rabbits admire him, which causes things to change when he leaves one day.easter post2I think this story would be great with Kindergarteners because it is about how everyone’s uniqueness matters in the world, and they impact people around them without even realizing it. easter postI understand that Easter is a religious holiday that not all children celebrate, but since the book doesn’t directly relate to the holiday, I thought it would be beneficial. It teaches a good moral lesson and for children who do celebrate Easter, it will give them a bunny that they can connect to if they would like. It also involves art which is a great way to engage the students and allow them to be creative 🙂 I hope my spring CT likes this activity and lets me include it in the instruction!


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