Kindness in kindergarten (reblog of Life is baeutiful from kindness blog)

I really enjoyed this post! Even though spelling and grammar are big pet peeves of mine, I think it is important for children to learn to be themselves in writing and have confidence before spelling is important. As they become better readers, it will be something they notice on their own.

Do you remember the name of your kindergarten teacher? I do, mine. Her name was Mrs White. And I remember thinking she must be some older relation of Walt Disney’s Snow White, because she had the same bright blue eyes, short dark hair, red lips and fair skin. I don’t remember much about what we […]



Broadcasting Bessie Bear (338 out of 365) #blogaday

The Traveling Teddy, Bessie, arrived on Thursday in my classroom! Things were a bit hectic so I have not introduced her yet, but the children will meet her on Monday – our unit is Things That Go so we will be discussing the various ways she could have traveled to us. I am excited for them to play with her and have her sitting with us during the small group activities and circle time:)


Holidays now? How? (320 out of 365) #blogaday

Wow, I cannot believe it is already the day before Thanksgiving! I wrote my very first post around this time about the true meaning of the holiday and how to teach it in schools – I only have 45 more days until January 8 when I started the #blogaday 😮 This year is going by so fast and I am thrilled that I got to annotate it through my blog. The holidays will feel a bit different this year though because I don’t really get a break due to my job (just the actual holidays and sometimes, a few days after). I’ll have to get in the spirit through the children at work and on the weekends with family and friends when the festivities get going 🙂


Curiosity in children (311 out of 365) #blogaday


This article stuck out to me because curiosity is something that many teachers skip over in the rush of getting through the lessons. During a whole group discussion, it can be difficult to allow students to discover the connections between concepts – I try to encourage it during my small group activities. With fewer children, they can start to feed off each other in a quicker sense rather than one student taking over. I really hope enough children are thinking on their own, and not just being spoon-fed information.


Witnessing writing (286 out of 365) #blogaday

“As a toddler exploring the world, we are experiencing stories all around us. We grow, we speak and begin communicating our messages more clearly. Our writing begins with these ideas, content and story. It doesn’t begin with a pencil in our hand but instead much earlier. We begin paving the way of a writer when our eyes open up for the first time and we breathe in this life, our stage, our theater to write our dramatic beginnings. We begin our story.”

I enjoyed this quote from (twowritingteachers) because it helped explain the writing process for young children! Many people believe that only older students can begin writing and creating stories; however, like this quote states, children are creating stories constantly while playing. I remember that I used to come up with the most detailed concepts with my dolls and describe them to friends – I started writing down my ideas into scripts and stories when I was older, but the idea of a story was there much earlier.

This one is for yesterday because it was a very fast-paced evening after work with dinner and a movie.



The World of Books (281 out of 365) #blogaday


Glad “Howl’s Moving Castle” and “Discworld” made it! Fantasy needs to be written very well to suck you in, and these two stories (“Howl’s” I have seen as a movie) really get you hooked. I have heard of many from this list, but only read a couple of them – since I wasn’t a reader when I was younger, I missed some the children’s classics.


Looks about books (221 out of 365) #blogaday

It is important to encourage children to enjoy reading! Children love to listen to reading, but when it comes to them actually reading the book, many find it difficult to get engaged. Reading is a great way to capture attention during rowdy times in the classroom. My students want to discuss the stories and what they think will happen next, which helps them with predictions. I have read the stories to them multiple times as well, so they know the books already.



Faces from fruit! (218 out of 365) #blogaday

Since our unit is food, I thought we should do something more hands-on, so we made faces out of fruit! The children had so much fun with their creativity and deciding which fruits for each part of their faces – some students added hands and legs or hats. They fed off each other for ideas, which I really liked 🙂 During centers, I called about five children over at a time so the group stayed small. The most exciting part for them was eating their faces 😮 One girl even told her mom the order of the steps (make the face, take a picture, eat it). I am glad at the success of the activity and strive to come up with more that are just as engaging!

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Children can create! (217 out of 365) #blogaday

It is important to let your students come up with the rules for the class, or summaries of what we did. At Kindercare, we write down the words that the children say during our “what we learned today” section – it is important for them to see the phrases that they said, and it allows them to increase their vocabulary. If the adults are always changing what the students write into more “sophisticated” language, it is not helping anyone.