Building binders (17 out of 365) #blogaday

​At the Friday seminar, the head of the program reminded us all of the things to come in the term. It is important to look forward because there are many steps to do for the three tasks in our placements that we have to complete for our license. She suggested that we put together a binder for each part with all the guidelines and make a Google calendar highlighting given deadlines. Since I finished my homework, I figured I would start organizing before I forgot or got back into the stress of school. My mom had one binder here already, so I printed out all the things I thought would be necessary (some of it was given to us in handout form) and placed in separate piles in the binder. I haven’t looked over the information yet because I didn’t want to stress myself out and the calendar isn’t setup.

binder organization postAs a future teacher, it is a good skill to be able to put together binders efficiently. They use them for lessons plans, materials, student work, or basically anything that could be placed into categories. I am a bit behind with these binders – I haven’t missed any deadlines, but I should have looked up information earlier so I am not scrambling to put together a schedule. There are also students and lessons we need to teach in our placements that I have to put in my schedule and talk to my CT about. Today was a good start on the organization and this week, I will be working on writing important details and coming up with dates.

binder organization post2

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