18 thoughts on “Turning out time (72 out of 365) #blogaday #sol15

  1. Yes, as a self proclaimed-“clutterer”
    ( not quite a hoarder) I have boxes of photos, cards, receipts, recipes, pictures my kids drew, and junk– that takes sooooo much energy and emotion for me to sort through. Spring cleaning is no fun!

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  2. That’s what takes so long, isn’t it? The need to remember why you saved the item in the first place, recalling how it came to be a part of your life. If the goal is tossing, I hope you are having some success. You are obviously being successful with the memories!

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  3. I like how the cleaning and sorting leads to the more important message: reminiscing. It’s as if you built up to the main idea with word play. I haven’t cleaned in a while, but your post and some spring weather will hopefully make me want to do some closet cleaning and some reminiscing.

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  4. This is the season to divest of clutter, but of course it has such tender meaning for us! Maybe the poem helps you to let go of some of it. My daughter, who has had to live with very few belongings a number of times in her life, says to thank the item for it’s service to you and let it go 🙂

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  5. Tossing out things is very difficult for me. Many people can relate to this. I agree with another response – for some crazy reason, thanking the items seems to make it easier to let go of it.

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