Kinder crayon conversation (56 out of 365) #blogaday #sol15

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I came across this post (click here) a few weeks back, and since it is closing in on the end of Winter term and beginning of Spring, I thought I would discuss an activity that I want to do near the start of my full-time teaching practicum of Kindergarten. The activity involves the book, “The Crayon Box that Talked.” The children discuss the importance of a variety of colors and everyone’s differences. I thought it would be a great way for the Kindergarteners to feel comfortable with each other and get to know me as a teacher 🙂 crayon postEven though the year is almost over, I still want to try and build a community with the students – books are a wonderful way for the very young to understand concepts and be able to talk about them in simpler terms. They should be able to notice that the “colors” are being hurtful to each other and I can help them relate it to real life with everyone’s cultures. I want to create a safe place with my future students and it is beneficial to practice our personal teaching vision during our practicums. crayon post2

2 thoughts on “Kinder crayon conversation (56 out of 365) #blogaday #sol15

  1. I use picture books all the time with my middle schoolers. Even very simple ones can be read on many levels as kids get older. Good luck with your practicum. I remember how excited I was to begin mine WAY back in 1991!

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