Channeling today’s child (45 out of 365) #blogaday

“We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.” – Stacia Tauscher

I found this quote when I was looking for one to put in my sidebar, and it really resonated with me. Education primarily focuses on testing that affects the next year, content that builds on itself, and skills that will be beneficial later in life. It is important to remember that children have things that affect them every day and they live in the moment. I don’t want to force them to live in the NEXT moment – connecting the content to their current state that day and what is going on around them should help keep the focus. Adults are often thinking days ahead with lists and events in the future, which makes it difficult not to teach children with the same mindset. There are also so many things that need to be incorporated into the curriculum in order for them to be successful. You can still tie those in, but don’t make them the whole point of the lesson. They don’t know the later content yet, so why would you bring it up? Take each step in the process as it comes, without talking about how it will help them in the future. 08 May 2001 --- Saving for the future --- Image by ©LWA-Dann Tardif/CORBISI think this was an important topic to discuss because schools are stuck in the mindset of “tomorrow’s child,” and it is up to the teachers to alter this in their individual classes. The teaching style doesn’t need to be changed that much – just the way you explain concepts and connect it to their current lives. Many teachers automatically use the reason that it will be useful later when their students ask why a concept is important. Later doesn’t help them in the moment right now; let’s channel today’s child now and worry about tomorrow’s when it comes.todays child post2

One thought on “Channeling today’s child (45 out of 365) #blogaday

  1. I love your blog and think many of your educational ideas could be turned into parenting tips. The students who learn under your guidance and leadership will enjoy every educational advantage!!!


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