Finding good films (46 out of 365) #blogaday

Earlier tonight, I watched the Oscars and it made me think of the impact that quality entertainment has on society and on myself. I didn’t catch all the nominees this time around, but the ones I did were very powerful! Movies are similar to books in the sense that you can get sucked in and attached to the characters if they catch your interest. This year’s films really did that – I nearly cried watching some, was very motivated and excited during others, and just emotionally changed at the end. I think a GREAT way to keep getting through graduate school is to make sure to have a movie night every now and then – it doesn’t need to involve going out to the theater (because I know that we are all quite poor due to debt and using what we have on essentials). Finding something online or watching some of your favorites on DVD can be great ways to forget about the real world and be sucked into the wonder of the movie. watching movies postAt the beginning of grad school, I watched Black Fish and it really made me re-think what I knew about SeaWorld. You can watch movies just for fun of course too! I just recently watched Up again and it put me in such a good mood 🙂 Movies make such an impact on my life because I really focus and try not to make comments – it’s important to me to get the whole experience and story. I hope you enjoy watching movies with friends or by yourself when you can! watching movies post2

3 thoughts on “Finding good films (46 out of 365) #blogaday

  1. Yeah, I think so too. Movies are really powerful but some are just pure garbage. I’d argue, however that TV series are even stronger due to the fact that being longer can make make them better characters and such, stronger stories and characters.


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