Putting off procrastination (60 out of 365) #blogaday #sol15

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It can be hard to keep working when the term starts to come an end, but it is important to know how to motivate yourself. I didn’t do any work ALL last week, except for Monday, because I outlined a large portion of my final assignment. I am not usually one for procrastinating, but it is hard not to burn out when you are part-time teaching and have night classes. We have had simple assignments most of the term, so it didn’t seem like we needed to work on anything big until the end. Even with this last assignment, it is only one thing to finish which makes it easier to put off. However, I took my break from working on this and now, it is time to get to it! I took a big dent out of the assignment today, and now I must keep working n it this weekend until it is finished. procrastination postProcrastination is very addicting when an assignment isn’t due for a while because you aren’t under the bus yet. You must try to take little steps with final assignments though – they usually take much longer than you think and you don’t want to be stuck stressing out. There is only one more big assignment and a week left, keep on plowing through until spring break! procrastination post2


6 thoughts on “Putting off procrastination (60 out of 365) #blogaday #sol15

  1. I find I procrastinate the most about grading because it requires that I make a judgement. I’m much better about simply responding because I know they’re still time for the writing to improve. I am much better about this than I used to be.

    Good luck.

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  2. Those big assignments cast shadows that I try to ignore, but they make me uneasy and nag at me luring me away from procrastination. I have been experiencing that with report card comments this week. Good luck getting it done. You will feel so much better once it is done.

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  3. Can’t lie, the weekdays are easier for me to be productive. Remembering to post on the weekend was easy, stopping the relative nothing i was doing to actually do so was surprisingly hard. I procrastinated so much, both posts came in just under the wire. I can only imagine how much more daunting when you have so much more on your plate so many kudos on your 60th post!

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  4. Procrastination was my MO throughout both my undergraduate and graduate work. One thing I realized while getting my Ed.S. is that what I think is procrastination is often prewriting. I find that I formulate most of a paper in my head, especially if it is a topic where I already have a great deal of knowledge about the research or I know where to get it. Thoughts just cook there in my brain, and when I sit down to write, it all comes out. Other things, like report card comments…. well…. that’s just pure procrastination. Good for you for having the willpower to get the work done.

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