Acting like animals (43 out of 365) #blogaday

​Silly Student Doing #2:

​​We went on a field trip today in my field placement. The bus ride there and back had some very entertaining students who wanted to “be animals.” On the way to the logging conference, the boy in front of me decided to start honking like a goose all the way there. He was getting in people’s faces and doing it out the window. I made sure he wasn’t invading people’s space, but stopping him from making the noise didn’t turn out very well. He became the honking goose-boy on the bus! acting like animals post2 The second student who decided to act like an animal was a different boy on the ride back to school. It was a pretty warm day today, so the windows were down in a few seats. The boy behind me pulled his window all the way down and made sure I was looking by saying “Hey, Miss Hannah!” He then proceeded to having his head slightly outside the window with his tongue sticking out, and said “look, I’m a dog!” – ha! This was very funny and he wanted to show everyone around him as well.acting like animals post3It is interesting how both of these boys had some inspiration to be a goose or a dog – the dog one made some sense because the window was down and it is common for dogs to put their faces outside, but the goose just must be some thought the boy had in his head. I admire bus drivers for handling loud students like this on a daily basis and with multiple routes!

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