My new blog :)

Hi Followers!

I will still be using newTeachrtips on occasion (in the Teaching tools or My First Year Teaching pages) but I will mainly be posting on my new site called Hannah’s Happenings – it is where I will talk about my life experiences with my cat, music, food, my teaching jobs, general reflections, and working out! Since it is a new blog and has one follower (who is myself!), I wanted to do a post to draw you all from this blog to PLEASE follow my new one 🙂 



Why working out? (148 out of 365) #blogaday

After relaxing for a few weeks and eating whatever I wanted, it is time to start working out again. Even though I don’t look heavy to my family and friends, it is more about how you feel about yourself (as long as it is a healthy look). With the last two weeks of my vacation, I plan to go to the local Zumba class twice a week and continue in the summer with my punch card from school. The studio has a four-class punch card and if I buy it (rather than just one class a time), I will be most likely to go to the classes. Actually going to work out is part of a mentality because it is easier to just sit around than put on the clothes and drive. I love zumba, so hope the classes are good!