“YOUER than YOU!” (47 out of 365) #blogaday

“Today you are YOU, that is TRUER than true. There is NO ONE alive who is YOUER than YOU!” ~ Dr. Seuss

In my motivation and management class today, we had a very powerful activity in which we analyzed children’s books and videos on the effects of bullying. It really affected me because I was bullied when I was younger and it is important for children to understand that even simple remarks about someone’s appearance can be hurtful. At the beginning of the term, my CT was teaching a bullying unit that touched on many of these issues. It was about reflecting on who you are and connecting with other people in the class, as well as having deeper conversations. Children need to have discussions about their experiences and how other people reacted when they told them. Bullying is a major cause of suicide and depression – it is a horrible action that people won’t stop doing unless they know the ramifications and full effects. This experience can be very heartwrenching since the students are sharing about personal issues going on. My CT also went through the packet with her responses before the children completed it, which helped build community and allow them to be vulnerable with each other. be yourself post2I found the Dr. Seuss quote a while back and thought it went very well with this post 🙂 It can be difficult when someone is putting who you are down, but you have to remember that you are meant to be an individual and you have a purpose on this Earth as well! People shouldn’t tell you who to be or how to act because they aren’t in charge of your life. With all the cliques out there, it can be hard not to feel the need to alter yourself in order to fit in, BUT children need to understand that changing who you are is actually harder than just being yourself. Do what comes naturally and accept those who accept you 🙂 be yourself postI also wrote a poem after class because I had to get my reflective thoughts out – click here to read: The Unnoticed