Flirting fifth graders..? (11 out of 365) #blogaday

Silly Student Doing #1:

On the first day I came to my winter placement, one boy particularly took a liking to me. He wanted my “help” multiple times during a work period, and came up to talk to me in between transitions. Remembering what my mother used to say about young boys when I was in upper elementary school (“boys show they like you through teasing”), I’m pretty sure he has a crush on me. I’ll let you evaluate as well.

Some of his actions include:

  • ┬áraising his hand then pretending he didn’t want anything when I reach his desk
  • ┬ásaying he wants to share his name poem but that I can only know one part (he has multiple middle names) and I’ll have to come back when he thinks I’m ready
  • complaining that I’m still coming at the beginning of every day
  • putting up his fist for bumping but moving it around when I go for it so it’s difficult to do

I know it isn’t uncommon for young boys to have crushes on their female teachers, but I am used to the very young who usually have a similar attachment to me as they would for their mom. Fifth grade boys are different because puberty may be starting and they aren’t sure how to handle the feelings. This particular boy appears to be testing his boundaries with me and the idea of flirting. It will be interesting to see how he progresses/digresses as the term goes on and I take over as lead teacher for math and health.

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