Summer school over soon! (230 out of 365) #blogaday


This will be me starting next week! We have a couple new students joining and then most of the children are moving up from preschool. They have to get used to the Pre-K routines versus the preschool ones, and get to know the new students. Next week won’t be too difficult for curriculum, so we can work on sitting at morning circle, and making sure they listen to myself and co-teacher. It is exciting 🙂 The week after next will be great because the theme is All About Me, where there are lots of various activities we can do – I want to incorporate the “self sack” I found on Facebook as well as posters and sharing from each kid. It’s really coming together!



Uprooting my room (202 out of 365) #blogaday

Today, I finish packing up my place and move out tomorrow afternoon. Even though I already moved most of my stuff out of this apartment at the beginning of summer school, this time should be more real – I won’t be coming back here 😦 – only to visit friends! I am going to take pictures, and do the iconic “goodbye” to the place I lived for two years! It’s crazy that my senior year and graduate school year are over 😮 Everyone is doing their own life now, and it is going to be an odd transition to get used to.