Holidays now? How? (320 out of 365) #blogaday

Wow, I cannot believe it is already the day before Thanksgiving! I wrote my very first post around this time about the true meaning of the holiday and how to teach it in schools – I only have 45 more days until January 8 when I started the #blogaday 😮 This year is going by so fast and I am thrilled that I got to annotate it through my blog. The holidays will feel a bit different this year though because I don’t really get a break due to my job (just the actual holidays and sometimes, a few days after). I’ll have to get in the spirit through the children at work and on the weekends with family and friends when the festivities get going 🙂


Thinking about Thanksgiving (301 out of 365) #blogaday

It is always tough once November hits not to start pushing ahead to the holidays – now that I am working, I am finding it even more difficult! This year is different because I will spending Thanksgiving at my boyfriend’s place, so I am more antsy than usual about the holiday. I’m taking each week at a time, knowing that I won’t get much vacation time for Thanksgiving and Christmas (just the actual holiday and some days before/after). thanksgving post




Thinking about Thanksgiving

In my multi-cultural classes, I have learned more about the truths behind Thanksgiving and how to bring it up with children. I was searching for a good TedTalk or other video on this subject, but there weren’t any other than documentaries. It is interesting to me that in my program, we are being taught about the importance of teaching the truth and talking about controversies with our students; but I can’t even find a kid-friendly video on the topic of Thanksgiving that doesn’t give the same impression as always (pilgrims coming to America and meeting Indians and deciding to having a feast). I don’t mean to put a damper on this day of spending time with family and making a delicious meal, but it was just something I thought about as I was going to sleep.

Before my Senior year, I had never thought about how History could be isolating to other races since I am a white middle-class female. We delved into the common pictures and language in textbooks, and how it is usually aimed at the Americans being saviors and there aren’t very many paragraphs about other cultures, unless it is the Civil Rights Movement section. There is a curriculum entitled Rethinking Schools, which does a good job of breaking down subjects into their biases and cultural relevance.

rethinking schools for thanksgiving reflection

Not that the message that some schools portray isn’t beneficial, such as having students complete a “Thankful Tree” with what they are thankful for; however, simply not covering Columbus or the Native Americans aspects doesn’t help the children understand the biases. It is difficult to incorporate this type of education into schools with all the curriculum in play. I could see the history topics being relevant because they are still teaching similar ideas, just with a new take on the events. I think I will try my best to include some of this curriculum in my future career, and recommend it to other educators in my school.

Hope this was interesting – Happy Holidays! 🙂