Journeying to jobs (32 out of 365) #blogaday

I can’t believe it has already been about a month since I started blogging every day! It is definitely helping to keep me more focused and gives me something fun to do before I go to bed or in between assignments

​I usually say not to think about the future because it tends to add more stress about what’s to come; however, when it relates to possible jobs, it helps me stay excited and focused! Putting myself out there with essays, cover letters, and my resume makes me feel comfortable in my accomplishments. I get to look back on all my previous teaching passions and connect them to various concepts related to my personal instruction style.jobs post1With all the homework and projects that I work on, having something to drive me to the end (like applications) can really help keep my motivation up. It is important to have a goal to look forward to and finding teaching jobs in the cities I like is calming. The finish line is just around the corner, which is SCARY because I don’t want to be a full adult yet!

But at the same time, having my own classroom is going to very fun and applying for jobs helps me feel closer to reaching that 🙂

Since the applications that are being posted involve next school year, I need to set myself a deadline for when I want it to be complete. One of the applications has essays to write, which I have been taking more time on than I would like. The others are just sending a resume and references, so I can send them in faster. My supervisors have said to start applying earlier rather than later because you may be remembered and have less of an application pool to be compared to. I already have an interview awaiting me over spring break, which is very exciting! I hope I get some others after applying to more schools. I know it may seem stressful to add something else onto your plate (like applications) BUT it is important to start working on them and it is exhilarating when you click submit -> Good luck! jobs post2