Mind to mouth mistakes! (353 out of 365) #blogaday

Many children haven’t figured out how to think about what they say yet because they just want to get everything out of their heads. One of the girls in my class on Monday just blurted out the funniest thing in the middle of naptime 😮 I just put everyone to sleep and she was the only one still awake, because she usually falls asleep by herself – she straight up just says “I’m going to fart now” I was in such shock and wanted to laugh uncontrollably (like she did after she said it and then “did her thing”) BUT since I am the teacher, I kept my composure and simply said “Ok, thanks for letting me know – that’s perfectly natural.” fart posti just love when things like that happen, and how the brain works to get you to say that. It is a complicated process to think about, but very exciting how speaking is possible. Also, thinking about not speaking is surprisingly difficult! I worked out today for the first time in quite a while (*cough* six months), and I really wanted to catch up on the blogging that I missed due to Christmas and family events that have been going on this week – HOWEVER, my mind to mouth communication would not shut up, for me to be able to write rather than just blurt out everything I was saying. Of course, I did not say “I’m going to fart now” but I wouldn’t put it passed my brain to think it.

This is post (1 of 4) for today in order to catch up for #blogaday.


Calling all Chatty Kathy’s (238 out of 365) #blogaday


Some of the children in my class are starting to act out because they are used to the preschool teachers. It is difficult since there isn’t much management on behavior, so I really want to try and enforce some with talking and acting out. Today, one of the students was very rowdy and disrespectful towards me and multiple other teachers. This website has some useful ideas like the noise chart and attention grabbers – I am going on vacation for about a week and a half, but I’ll talk to my coteacher about incorporating some of these when I come back (as well as during his time alone).