Final projects, classes, AND field experience…WHAT DO I DO?

It is now nearing the end of Week 8 during my second term as a Master’s student. Everyone is looking very droopy-eyed and run down from the late classes, early field placement, and piles of homework. It is important to remember these tips for keeping on track until the end of trip:

1) Always put your self first

It is not worth coming to class if your brain is sickly or a zombie, and cannot focus. You are better off staying at home, instead of forcing yourself to be a “good student” and come to every session. Teachers will understand and appreciate you staying at home when you must and not struggling through their class.

2) Take each day at a time

I know it is always difficult to only look at what you have to get through that day. But with all the homework and other stresses that come up in life, you don’t want to be worrying about the tens of things that need to be done in the week. Just look at your list for that day and be relieved when it’s all crossed out!

3) Think about the little things that happen each day

I sometimes have trouble with this one because there is more downturns and exhaustion in some days than uplifting events. You should always take a break and watch a silly show, laugh with your friends, or remember something cute that students did because this will help keep you going in the end.

4) Count down the days until the break

Even though you should focus your tasks to one day at a time, it is crucial to look ahead to the break (this time, it is Thanksgiving in about a week!) We all need to keep trucking towards that vacation time with family and friends, where you can relax and forget about everything for a while!