Five Faves (297 out of 365) #blogaday

I took this idea of the Top Five posts of the month from another blog I follow – I think it is a very interesting concept because it lets you reflect on what you wrote. I chose the ones about writing in preschool, monster blocks, teaching sites, sticker reward system, and pumpkin investigation. It was nice to look back at October posts and remember some tips as well as engaging articles/activities I had found.







All Hail Halloween (294 out of 365) #blogaday

Tomorrow will be the first Halloween event I have experienced in a school setting as a teacher! Our center is holding a “sticker treat,” in which families are coming to walk their kids from room to room in order to get Halloween-themed stickers – the children and some teachers will be in their costumes. I am not really sure if the whole day will be different, or just parts of it. The event states “all day,” but I have no sense about the setup for teachers and if students might be coming and going throughout the day (or if it won’t change much besides many people in costumes). I guess we will see what the day brings! halloween post



Turtle time (272 out of 365) #blogaday

These look quite fun, and will be great for rewarding the students! I will probably do stickers instead of hole punching because it is quicker – it could also be altered as a whole class chart. My coteacher and I were discussing starting something like that during nap time to try and keep children on their mats for sleeping. Since we only have 3 Super Friend hats, I would need to think of another reward for filling a certain amount of the individual cards, but the whole class chart would be getting up a bit early (if children were not asleep) to do a quiet table activity. I can really see these doing wonders, and I might start them tomorrow or the sticker charts that I created previously for some of the students. TurtleorPetthemepunchcards


Starting with stickers (265 out of 365) #blogaday

Today was a bit rough with the some of the students and listening – one child in particular is somewhat of the “leader” for setting off the other children. I will be starting a sticker reward system tomorrow with two children who follow him the most. The children enjoy my co-teacher’s praise, so he will be the one giving out the stickers if the students listen to me without more than 3 reminders. I hope this is a successful management for the two children, and I will be asking the parents of the third boy for rewards that would motivate him (the “Super Friend” Hats and stickers do not seem to interest him at this point).

The need to support every child is very important to me – even though it is tough, teachers should strive to have all the children learning and being successful in the classroom. I really want the respect and the calmer environment for everyone. It is frustrating and disappointing to have these children not listening to my rules and demands. Allowing my coteacher to leave and not needing a second teacher come in to assist would be great for me! I will give an update of how this idea went tomorrow; it should be successful.


Success in a sticker (250 out of 365) #blogaday

Made it to 250!!!


This is a great idea because the children will actually have something to say when they leave school. I was always a child who said “fine” after my mom asked “how was school” – it gives students the pride of earning a sticker for whatever they are working on in class. I definitely want to create my own and print these out to start giving to my students! They already love stickers, so earning one and encouraging them to explain their day to families should be a real hit 🙂