Composing cows (300 out of 365) #blogaday

DAY 300 – woo!!

Today, we made cow “masks” out of paper plates 🙂 I worked with the children on how to draw each part of the cow, so they looked pretty realistic. I broke it down into the nose first (a big oval with two little circles), the eyes, and then the black spots. They did a great job following the steps and trying to copy my model. I will post pictures of them at the end of the unit!

Image by http://www.clipartof.com/


Adopting a plan for applications (75 out of 365) #blogaday #sol15

SOL day 24slice of life logo

It can be a bit stressful applying for jobs because there are so many little things to fill out for each job. ​They remind me of college applications all over again, which is very tedious! They all ask the same questions about your background, experiences, schooling, etc. I just have to sit down and get them done, but it is difficult to be motivated since I am on break and a bit burned out. There is a job fair coming up, and I was struggling to get things ready for it. This second week of my break, which is actual Spring Break, I plan to complete some applications and ask for references. It will help calm down all the work that has to go into them, and I won’t need to worry once school starts next week.

applications post applications post2

It is important to remember that bigger tasks can always be broken down into smaller steps. I am glad that it came to my attention (with the help of my mother). I had started the first few pages of most of the applications I had saved, but now I can finish them!