Paralyzing the plant! (251 out of 365) #blogaday

Today, we combined with the younger preschool children in the afternoon because we had a low number of kids and the teachers were a bit short staffed. There are a few of them who act much younger than the other preschoolers – they need lots of reminding about what not to do and where to be during centers. Unfortunately, my eyes were turned dealing with another issue when two of the boys filled our planter display with rocks and shells (from our science center) :/ We cleared out the mess and put the plant back in the soil, but I doubt it will recover from being smothered. It really saddened me, because it was a living plant and was squished. The preschool students have a fish that they are managing to keep alive; however, it is on a taller part of the wall so this can’t happen to the living fish.