Breakdown of the day (105 out of 365) #blogaday

10. Started a new show (Scandal) on Netflix, hooked already

9.   Prepped my read-aloud story of “The Surprise Garden” for tomorrow

8.   Made salmon for the first time, nice and juicy!

7.   Relaxed after an exhausting but fulfilling day at placement

6.   Called my “people” to catch up and express my success

5.   Re-set the classroom for what tomorrow requires

4.   Sang a song as the students went down the hall to home

3.   Kept surprising myself that I was doing it!

2.   Led calendar with confidence 🙂

1.   Woke up, determined to fake it!

Got this idea from someone on Slice of Life

Better than simply blends (89 out of 365) #blogaday

​I found a fun way to teach blends with pictures on Pinterest. An image or saying works very well when it comes to remembering sounds. My current CT and school has a song to the tune of “I’m a little teapot” that the students sing about th, wh, ow, sh, and ch. The kids do the noises even on their own! These cards reminded me of that because there is an image that will help the students focus on the letter blends.



Music manages my mood (10 out of 365) #blogaday

​Music is a primary mantra for keeping me sane while doing homework, or putting me in a positive mindset. I see the benefits of relaxing by listening to music and/or having a good sing-along 🙂 My favorite Pandora stations are Today’s Hits and Jack Johnson because the songs constantly perk me up. Many people can’t focus with songs they like on, but it helps me to start off an assignment by singing a good tune. If I have music on in the background, it is usually almost mute on volume (about 6 or 7), so I can hear it when my mind stops to think – but it isn’t the focus. Listening to songs is probably so influential for me because my dad has records or playlists on throughout the day and it subconsciously reminds me of good memories back home with family. Hearing a good beat and lyrics keeps my stress level down by filling my mind with the words and forcing me to hum it throughout my day. I hope music can help calm you down when you need it as well!

I want to be the kind of teacher who plays music in the background while students are writing or reading. It is a very calming experience and can help spark creativity. Since many schools do not have the funding to teach music, it is important for a regular elementary teacher to incorporate songs or instruments somewhere in their day.

I’m curious about what your favorite Pandora stations to listen to are! (Leave a comment below)