Knowing Kindergarten (82 out of 365) #blogaday #sol15

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Can’t believe it’s been a month with the Slice of Life Challenge! I really enjoyed reading many posts and receiving comments 🙂 Since I am doing the blogaday challenge, writing every day wasn’t anything new; however, I had some more creativity with inserting poems into my posts, which was a fun change.

​I had my first day observing/helping in Kindergarten. It was a very fun experience! I discovered many more techniques for teaching. I had forgotten that Kindergarten has many similarities with Pre-school, like singing. I will have fun learning the songs that we use for transitions! Today was a very long day after my relaxation during break, but it will get easier when my body and mind get used to sleeping and getting up earlier. My CT is a very sweet-natured woman and she will be a great mentor for me this term. I take over some reading groups tomorrow and will slowly be transitioning to more and more things – this is stressful to think about as well as difficult to take in with everything from the school day, but I’ll get used to it and feel less overwhelmed as the weeks go on.

Sorry about the short post tonight! My brain is somewhat fried due to not getting a very good night’s sleep yesterday, so I can’t think of much to say. There were so many great things about today that haven’t really soaked in, but I will continue writing about my experiences in the classroom this term.