Insane with internet (326 out of 365) #blogaday

Yesterday, I finally got internet set up in my apartment – I’m using it right now to blog! The lengths it took though to get it working were ridiculous. First we had to wait because they delivered it when we weren’t here. Then, our modem didn’t fit the cable so we bought a compatible one. BUT the outlet it was in wasn’t very stable…so after hours of waiting for lights to stop blinking and playing cards..we switched the socket and it worked instantly. Ha of course! The way of the world today..

I have done two posts today because I was swamped with moving and forgot yesterday 😮


A part of my apartment (324 out of 365) #blogaday

Moving day is done! It wasn’t too bad – took a few hours to fill up the truck and got help on the other end with speedy mover men 🙂 the place looks very nice and I look forward to unpacking and setting up some more. Bringing over Patches tomorrow as well so hope he likes his new home!


Taking it on as the teacher (212 out of 365) #blogaday

Tomorrow, I start the first day as the teacher in the Pre-K room! It will be nerve-wracking, but a good chance for me to find myself as a teacher. There is a low number of kids so it should be easier to figure out behavior management strategies that work best. I’m coming in early, which will allow me to can look over the materials in the unit about Food, and make sure the centers and books are setup.