Reasons for responsibility (262 out of 365) #blogaday


The first parts seem quite complicated for Pre-K, but I think it could benefit us to have a more in-depth breakdown about responsibilities and respect. We could make the scenarios more basic and have a few children become involved in the acting portions – there are probably books about respect as well. We will see how they behave this week; it somewhat depends from week to week! It will help the students feel more like a community and really understand that my coteacher and I are in charge.


Kids out of context (261 out of 365) #blogaday

Today I babysat one of the children from work who is usually more rowdy, but in the context of just us, she was very calm and listened well. It is interesting that sometimes other children set off each other, and when they are alone, they are perfectly fine. She respected me the whole time, even as we drove to the park and walked from the car! I looked forward to taking care of this sweetie more at work and some other days this week 🙂


Young Ages Are Able (258 out of 365) #blogaday

Today was an interesting day because my Pre-K children were having a bit of a tough time listening, BUT the preschoolers joined us in the afternoon and they were acting much better than my students – this surprises me! The younger children should still be figuring out who to be respectful to. So far, when the preschoolers join our Pre-K class, they act better than in their own class. They might be a little overwhelmed with being in a different room with another teacher. The afternoon was much calmer than the morning which was nice 🙂