Junky for journaling (333 out of 365) #blogaday

Today I had a great journaling session! I wrote for like over an hour 😮 just getting out anything that came to mind. It was really nice – nothing that I had to complain about “secretly to my diary”, but a genuine writing to write time. I enjoyed it a lot and want to bring it to my weekly tasks. I used to write in some way a lot when I was younger and even though I’m still writing with my blog, it isn’t the same as just jotting all your ideas and jumping back and forth with your mind!


All about apartments (305 out of 365) #blogaday

This week, I have started an apartment hunt with my friend from work – it is exciting but nerve-wracking! I got used to hang out back at home with my parents 🙂 At least, we won’t be too far away and it will definitely be good to have my own place again. I look forward to cooking my own dinners and relaxing with someone my own age ha. My parents aren’t too shabby with the hip stuff, and it has been great chilling!


Pursuing poolside (200 out of 365) #blogaday

200 POSTS!

As a last graduate school hurrah, one of my friends and I are going to relax by the pool with our books. It doesn’t sound like celebrating, but it will be nice to chat and see each other again before we both have to pack up our places. True friends can simply hang out without the need to do anything spectacular. I still can’t believe grad school is over! I’ll be working on my final paper later today or tomorrow, and packing up my apartment soon. This will probably be my last “Getting through grad school” post!


Calm, cool, and collected (163 out of 365) #blogaday

Today was very relaxing!

– woke up and lounged in bed with PLL

– sat out in the sun with my parents and a phone trivia game

– took Bear for a walk into town

– listened to my new records while finishing my book

– browsed blogs and free Kindle books

– watching an old thriller (American Werewolf in London)

Successful last day of summer before school starts 🙂


Mindless moments (152 out of 365) #blogaday

Sometimes it is fun to just have a relaxing day at home, staring aimlessly at the TV or computer screen. Especially in this heat, I really liked moving as little as possible today! It helps to have shows to watch, like Pretty Little Liars, Blacklist, or Orange is the New Black. I was also being productive with TV in the background – I revamped my cover letter and made sure my resume was up-to-date. Journeying outside even to walk up to the local store was hot enough that we got ice cream and then all just collapsed to watch shows. Since classes will be starting soon for summer, I have to catch up on my programs now because I’ll want to hang out with my friends before we part ways.


Remembering reading (128 out of 365) #blogaday

I used to dislike reading because I always wanted to go outside or watch TV. But I got back into it when I was a camp counselor and in the woods ha. I discovered that is really relaxing, and you can create the world in your mind 🙂

Nerdy Book Club

read anyway

Life is busy. We have plenty to do with work, chores, errands, extra-curricular activities, more work, and everything else that we do between getting up in the morning and going to bed at night so we can do it all over again the next day. Making time for ourselves is hard enough, but does that mean that carving time out to read is nearly impossible?

There are so many reasons to pick up a book and start leafing through its pages – whether you are the kind of person who needs a physical book that you can dog-ear, write on, or even smell… or the kind of person who loves the simplicity and instant gratification that comes with reading on an electronic device. I’m a bit of both. I am a reader: eternally in love with the way words align on a page, causing us to laugh, cry, sigh, hold…

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Moment by moment (102 out of 365) #blogaday

In graduate school, it can be difficult not to get wrapped up in everything that goes on on a day to day basis. I am struggling with this myself at the moment. I want to set a goal that once I leave the school, the troubles or worries of the day need to disappear. I am letting my “work” come home with me, and it is affecting my mood. I don’t want to wake up still disappointed about the issues with teaching. It is almost impossible sometimes to take a deep breath and make the previous day leave your mind – but I want and NEED to for myself to stay sane during student teaching. I believe in myself, and that others can as well!

live in moment post live in moment post2



Deserving a day off (37 out of 365) #blogaday

As future teachers, we are inclined to keep working late into the night after our field placements or class. It is important to us that we bring our “work” home and plan for the next day’s lesson by prepping materials. However, we aren’t teachers just yet and having class til 8 or 9 at night as well as teaching part-time in the classroom from 8-3 can be very stressful and tiring. Burning out is inevitable if you do not help yourself out and take a breather. day off post4Even though there is homework most nights for a class the next day, you should rest after your time at field placement on the one night we have off. There are always things coming up that you could work on, but if they aren’t long projects, you can put them off a day or two. Stress can build up quickly if you are constantly on the move and don’t let yourself relax with a fun book, show, friends, or by taking a nap. day off post2I took advantage of napping on Monday this week because I could just tell that I was utterly exhausted – my eyes were closing at about 1 pm that day and when I got home at 3, I crashed. I felt very refreshed afterwards, and like I could continue the week without struggle. Yesterday was my day without class and I made sure not to do any homework! I did my blog post, caught up on some shows, and read chapters of my professional development books. I have done work on Thursdays previously, so resting instead was a very good discovery 🙂day off post1


Music manages my mood (10 out of 365) #blogaday

​Music is a primary mantra for keeping me sane while doing homework, or putting me in a positive mindset. I see the benefits of relaxing by listening to music and/or having a good sing-along 🙂 My favorite Pandora stations are Today’s Hits and Jack Johnson because the songs constantly perk me up. Many people can’t focus with songs they like on, but it helps me to start off an assignment by singing a good tune. If I have music on in the background, it is usually almost mute on volume (about 6 or 7), so I can hear it when my mind stops to think – but it isn’t the focus. Listening to songs is probably so influential for me because my dad has records or playlists on throughout the day and it subconsciously reminds me of good memories back home with family. Hearing a good beat and lyrics keeps my stress level down by filling my mind with the words and forcing me to hum it throughout my day. I hope music can help calm you down when you need it as well!

I want to be the kind of teacher who plays music in the background while students are writing or reading. It is a very calming experience and can help spark creativity. Since many schools do not have the funding to teach music, it is important for a regular elementary teacher to incorporate songs or instruments somewhere in their day.

I’m curious about what your favorite Pandora stations to listen to are! (Leave a comment below)