Better do some baking! (77 out of 365) #blogaday #sol15

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When I am stressed out, I always enjoy baking cookies or cupcakes. I usually put on some music or a show while mixing together all the ingredients – it really helps calm all the nerves going on that week. I have made cookies and will be doing brownies while over the break. I found this recipe for (click->) chocolate peanut butter balls on Pinterest and it looks really yummy! I think I’ll try to make some when I get back 🙂 The problem with making desserts is that they can be quite addicting and aren’t the best for your daily diet. These chocolate peanut butter balls have protein and don’t seem as full of sugar as a regular packet of cookies or cupcakes. baking postIt can be something so simple as baking to get your mind thinking of something other than school. Baking is a great one because it is simple and doesn’t take very long. It allows just enough time to escape the stress, without letting wanderings go back to school. You also get such a great treat out of your relaxation!

Baking baking

It’s so fun

Especially when the timer is done!