YAHOO TO THE YEAR! (365 out of 365) #blogaday

Wow! My 365 days of blogging has come to an end – so much has happened since I started my winter practicum through graduate school 😮 I have my master’s, a job, live on my own, adopted a cat, and many more! I will love looking back at all my posts and reminiscing about the fun things I found to get my quota of 365!

365 DAYS, 365 DOWN!!


Over the break, I had time to ponder about the fifth graders that I will be part-time teaching next term. I was very nervous to begin with, but knew it was a grade that I could potentially end up teaching in the future – it is important to have a wide range in elementary education. Throughout my undergraduate years, I observed and assisted in first and second grade classes, so I wanted to try the other end of the grades. I was worried about the upper elementary students because I seem to connect quicker with the very young children. However, after catching up with a retired teacher whose classroom I helped in, I started to see the benefits of teaching older students. They can be challenged with ideas, have deeper conversations, and switch from educator to educator with respectful behavior. These reasons will make the second subject that I teach into…

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