Five Faves (297 out of 365) #blogaday

I took this idea of the Top Five posts of the month from another blog I follow – I think it is a very interesting concept because it lets you reflect on what you wrote. I chose the ones about writing in preschool, monster blocks, teaching sites, sticker reward system, and pumpkin investigation. It was nice to look back at October posts and remember some tips as well as engaging articles/activities I had found.







Summer school over soon! (230 out of 365) #blogaday


This will be me starting next week! We have a couple new students joining and then most of the children are moving up from preschool. They have to get used to the Pre-K routines versus the preschool ones, and get to know the new students. Next week won’t be too difficult for curriculum, so we can work on sitting at morning circle, and making sure they listen to myself and co-teacher. It is exciting 🙂 The week after next will be great because the theme is All About Me, where there are lots of various activities we can do – I want to incorporate the “self sack” I found on Facebook as well as posters and sharing from each kid. It’s really coming together!



Science for the smallest students (151 out of 365) #blogaday

Science can be very exciting, if you allow it to be! This website shows the multitudes of experiments that very young students can engage in. (http://leftbraincraftbrain.com/2014/08/20/stem-for-preschoolers-love-learn-linky-6/)preschool stemMany people believe that science is too complicated for the early elementary or preschool age, but it is just about the complexity of the content. The “apple browning” one seems like a great incorporation – the students can monitor how fast it happens, come up with ideas for why it happens, and it is something they see all the time! Everybody has eaten an apple or seen someone eat an apple. I want to make learning as engaging as possible, and involving science in such a basic, but effective, way is achievable.