Young Ages Are Able (258 out of 365) #blogaday

Today was an interesting day because my Pre-K children were having a bit of a tough time listening, BUT the preschoolers joined us in the afternoon and they were acting much better than my students – this surprises me! The younger children should still be figuring out who to be respectful to. So far, when the preschoolers join our Pre-K class, they act better than in their own class. They might be a little overwhelmed with being in a different room with another teacher. The afternoon was much calmer than the morning which was nice šŸ™‚


Practicing phonetics (252 out of 365) #blogaday


This post makes some interesting points about young children and trying to segment, sound out, drop endings, etc. We had a class that broke down the phonemes and I was in a Kindergarten class in the Spring, so I have witnessed exactly what she is saying. We don’t really assess the children on reading at my work, but I may ask in the middle of the year to see the progress of some of the pre-K students.


Productive in Pre-K (234 out of 365) #blogaday

Today was a great transition day for the preschoolers in Pre-K! We only had 10 of the 16 kids that we would normally have, so it was pretty calm. They loved the stories we were reading during circle time (Click clack moo, and Dr. Seuss ABC), which was nice because some of the children usually become antsy. They also came up with good ideas for what they wanted to know about the alphabet – how to sing it in Spanish, how slow/fast they could sing it, and where it came from. We got them started on the coloring of animal alphabet after afternoon circle time, and I’ll make some more letters to see if they wanted to do different ones. Tomorrow, I have a fun idea that involves writing their name in candle on paper and then they paint or color in crayon over it to discover the letters šŸ™‚


Nervous with newsletter (232 out of 365) #blogaday

I was going to publish my first post on Prekplaypen because the new families and children will be joining our classroom on Monday. However, I am finding it difficult to come up with what to write :o. Since I know that it might be looked at by adults I have met, there is a lot of pressure to sound respectable but also give the necessary excitement as a teacher. I find myself writing and re-writing the sentences because it needs to be perfect! The newsletter has a similar tone, and some more, due to the design elements. I want it to look colorful and young to connect with the Pre-K elements; however, families of the children are the ones reading it (not the children). I have realized the difficulty that many teachers deal with Iā€™m sure ā€“ to be playful, but professional. If your letters are too serious, you may come off as a boring educator; while having too many giggles could be received as lackadaisical. Oh the troubles teachers must triumph through!



Summer school over soon! (230 out of 365) #blogaday


This will be me starting next week! We have a couple new students joining and then most of the children are moving up from preschool. They have to get used to the Pre-K routines versus the preschool ones, and get to know the new students. Next week won’t be too difficult for curriculum, so we can work on sitting at morning circle, and making sure they listen to myself and co-teacher. It is exciting šŸ™‚ The week after next will be great because the theme is All About Me, where there are lots of various activities we can do – I want to incorporate the “self sack” I found on Facebook as well as posters and sharing from each kid. It’s really coming together!



Welcoming website! (222 out of 365) #blogaday

I started working on my classroom’s website, and will be continuing on the weekend to get it ready for school on August 31! The title is called Pre-K playpen – I am very excited to set it up, and give the link to families to keep them up-to-date on what we are doing each week. It is crazy that I am making my class site!! My job is really coming together, and it is a nice transition with the fewer students in the summer at the moment. We will have a sturdy 15 every other day, and 12 children the other days. I’m looking forward to it šŸ™‚


Twas the Tuesday of training (208 out of 365) #blogaday

Last night, I had some inspiration as I lay in bed pondering my training session today – SO I wrote a poetic story šŸ™‚ Hope you enjoy it!

It is the night before training, and all through the house,

the cats and parents are stirring as I go to pass out.

I look forward to dreaming of what I will learn,

and wonder if my mentor teacher is stern.

I plan to journal every few days

to help clear my head and remember important phrase.

Adulthood has come, not a little too soon,

but I still wish I could sleep til noon!

The teaching will be worth it and the students as well –

this poem is creative and I couldn’t tell šŸ˜®

Pre-K, here I come!

I hope it really is the journey my desire comes from.

Fare thee well is the hour so I can rest;

Sleep is always what the doctor says is best.

Til tomorrow with new ideas towering over,

and I can reminisce about Tuesday’s exposure.


Working on writing (205 out of 365) #blogaday

A lot of the content on these charts is too difficult for pre-K, but it is still useful to see the various types of posters that can be created to encourage writing and good discussions. I like some of the more visual posters in particular, such as the one with the parts of a face broken down into what each should do when having a conversation. These skills are very important to start working on in pre-K and Kindergarten, so students can begin to build respect with one another. I want to have morning meetings, which would involve my students listening to their peers and taking turns. Posters with reminders that you can simply tap when students are off track help keep a positive learning environment!