Placement is like my profession? (91 out of 365) #blogaday

Yesterday, it HIT me.

I have been:

  • getting up every morning at 7 am to head to the school
  • staying until 4 or 5 pm to plan
  • teaching most of the day
Then, it HIT me.

This is what real teaching will be like 🙂 I am already exhausted after a week and a half! I enjoy every minute of the day with the students, so don’t regret choosing this profession.

But, it HIT me.

How tired I am going to be from putting all my effort and energy into my students. How I am going to be a zombie after the long day at school. How I am practically being an adult with a job now.

it HIT me. placement job

Maximizing my teacher mojo! (26 out of 365) #blogaday

I want to focus on treating yourself with a new-found passion in this post.

Since being a teacher is in the forefront of my sights as I am now part-time and will be full-time teaching, I have found myself excited by reading books (not required for classes) that are about being a good teacher. Something about having them recommended to me by my CT, teachers, peers, or on blogs makes it seem more interesting than being assigned to read it. I can make time to highlight and grow from reading the books and will be able to look at them throughout my teaching career. My CT says that she glances at Fred Jones’ “Tools for Teaching” every year and finds new things to incorporate! Amazon and other online book stores sell the ones that I have written down i.e. – “Teach like a Champion,” “7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” “How to talk so kids can learn,” and “Mindset: The new psychology to success.” I have already bought myself “The Skillful Teacher,” “Droodles,” and “Tools for Teaching” for about $15 total :o. “Skillful Teacher” arrived at the end of last week and I have already read the introduction and dog-eared some pages ♥ professional-development post2As a graduate student in an intensive program, it is necessary to have something to look forward to, like reading, that doesn’t involve homework. I have an actual non-education book that I am reading as well, but these professional development texts are really sparking my interest and keeping me excited for teaching my own class soon! I know it is DoRkY for me to be reading and buying myself theory-type texts, but I want to know all the different ways to help my students and if my teachers and CT recommend them, it is probably a very helpful book.

professional-development post1


Teaching was meant to be (15 out of 365) #blogaday

Through attending staff meetings, I discovered that I already have a lot of the “necessary” teacher qualities. I am very organized with my schedule and things to the point of almost OCD. I color-coordinate my agenda book so every subject and activity has a different color ha! I always collected journals with ideas and stories in them, had markers in my desks, and received stamp sets for birthdays. I hoard some things from  my childhood, which will help me get used to saving materials from past teaching years. I didn’t think about teaching when I was little – I wanted to be a veterinarian or an astronaut, but the science level was far too difficult. These tendencies are just part of who I am and my intuition. meant to be teacher post2Teachers need to be passionate about what they do, and their brains are trained to be teachers in every setting. They think about activities as they walk down the street, and hopefully, are organized and work ahead with their daily checklists. The students are dependable on the teacher for learning and if he/she is not trying their best, the children will be able to tell and not want to  put the effort  in either. It is important to be up front with students about your life outside of school, so they feel comfortable in your classroom and with their own lives. meant to be teacher post