Success in the site! (236 out of 365) #blogaday

I am very glad I put together the newsletter and class website! So far, I have had a few parents saying they looked at the site and are enjoying it 🙂 This will be an exciting process to keep up with the parents in a technological way – it is only the first week, and there is a great following already. I grabbed one of the schedule’s for the month to post today, which will be useful for families who don’t check the children’s cubbies all the time. While I am on vacation next week and most of the week after, I am going to ask my coteacher or substitute to take pictures as well as send me updates on what activities they do (so I can keep up with the weekly blog and newsletter while being away).


Nervous with newsletter (232 out of 365) #blogaday

I was going to publish my first post on Prekplaypen because the new families and children will be joining our classroom on Monday. However, I am finding it difficult to come up with what to write :o. Since I know that it might be looked at by adults I have met, there is a lot of pressure to sound respectable but also give the necessary excitement as a teacher. I find myself writing and re-writing the sentences because it needs to be perfect! The newsletter has a similar tone, and some more, due to the design elements. I want it to look colorful and young to connect with the Pre-K elements; however, families of the children are the ones reading it (not the children). I have realized the difficulty that many teachers deal with I’m sure – to be playful, but professional. If your letters are too serious, you may come off as a boring educator; while having too many giggles could be received as lackadaisical. Oh the troubles teachers must triumph through!



Exciting endeavor (225 out of 365) #blogaday

This will be me on the 31st – it is exciting to meet new students and start the year off right! But, I understand that there is much to do with talking to parents, setting up my newsletter and class website, and reorganizing the classroom. My coteacher and I have already rearranged some parts, and the cubbies are all done which is nice. I can’t wait to get started with the great group of students 🙂

Teaching the Teacher

Alongside the excitement of starting a new school year, meeting the kids, their families and new colleagues comes the inevitable feeling of exhaustion.

After spending the last six weeks or so relaxing and looking out for no one apart from myself, the business of school seems so physically and emotionally overwhelming. It’s like going back to the gym after a bad flu, you can’t lift as much weight and still end up hurting the next day.

I’m sure I’m not the only teacher who spends the first Friday night after schools parked firmly on the couch too exhausted to do much more than pick up the television remote.

The wise voice inside my head reminds that it is wise to do less and do it well. Set up the routines and not worry about how far you feel you are behind in assessment and setting up routines – they will…

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