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Silly student doing #4

When I was helping some of the fifth grade students with writing, we got off track and started talking about texting terms. One of the boys asked me about abbreviations and whether or not I knew what they stood for – most of them I used or had heard of before through instant messaging. However, there were some I didn’t recognize like NRN meaning “not right now.” It was interesting to hear that many of the same abbreviations are appearing and some new ones.texting postI don’t remember any other ones he was telling me, but it got me thinking about why children feel the need to shorten the words in text messages so much.  I use very few abbreviations in my texting because it really isn’t that much faster. I think people start abbreviating at the beginning of texting since they aren’t quick with the buttons just yet, but it usually goes away. I wonder if conversations will become mostly abbreviations with the younger generations soon.  ROTFL...Rolling on the floor laughing.