Testing out the teaching waters

I have been a substitute teacher for a little over two weeks now. I had my ups and downs, but am getting the hang of the management needed to have a successful day as a guest teacher! I have been in Pre-K, Kindergarten, 4th grade (a number of times with different schools), 5th grade, and 1st grade. The upper grades have been more challenging for me to keep the students from getting disruptive, but I am coming up with systems that work such as points for losing or gaining some recess, etc. I have also found that I like seeing all the varying schools and teaching styles – it is eye-opening to observe the huge differences based on where a school is or the principal’s techniques. I look forward to subbing until the end of the school year, and CAN’T WAIT til it is my turn to be the head teacher!


Turtle time (272 out of 365) #blogaday

These look quite fun, and will be great for rewarding the students! I will probably do stickers instead of hole punching because it is quicker – it could also be altered as a whole class chart. My coteacher and I were discussing starting something like that during nap time to try and keep children on their mats for sleeping. Since we only have 3 Super Friend hats, I would need to think of another reward for filling a certain amount of the individual cards, but the whole class chart would be getting up a bit early (if children were not asleep) to do a quiet table activity. I can really see these doing wonders, and I might start them tomorrow or the sticker charts that I created previously for some of the students. TurtleorPetthemepunchcards


Starting with stickers (265 out of 365) #blogaday

Today was a bit rough with the some of the students and listening – one child in particular is somewhat of the “leader” for setting off the other children. I will be starting a sticker reward system tomorrow with two children who follow him the most. The children enjoy my co-teacher’s praise, so he will be the one giving out the stickers if the students listen to me without more than 3 reminders. I hope this is a successful management for the two children, and I will be asking the parents of the third boy for rewards that would motivate him (the “Super Friend” Hats and stickers do not seem to interest him at this point).

The need to support every child is very important to me – even though it is tough, teachers should strive to have all the children learning and being successful in the classroom. I really want the respect and the calmer environment for everyone. It is frustrating and disappointing to have these children not listening to my rules and demands. Allowing my coteacher to leave and not needing a second teacher come in to assist would be great for me! I will give an update of how this idea went tomorrow; it should be successful.


Busting out behavior management (259 out of 365) #blogaday

There are a few students who are pushing the boundaries at work, so I want to try to figure out a reward system with their families. The preschool teacher has done this with some of her children, and it is really starting to help the listening and respect that she gets. Since there isn’t a punishment system in the building, it is important to setup something individual for students who need a little more management. I’ll keep you updated on what I figure out!


Calling all Chatty Kathy’s (238 out of 365) #blogaday


Some of the children in my class are starting to act out because they are used to the preschool teachers. It is difficult since there isn’t much management on behavior, so I really want to try and enforce some with talking and acting out. Today, one of the students was very rowdy and disrespectful towards me and multiple other teachers. This website has some useful ideas like the noise chart and attention grabbers – I am going on vacation for about a week and a half, but I’ll talk to my coteacher about incorporating some of these when I come back (as well as during his time alone).


First to focus on… (207 out of 365) #blogaday


I think this website was very helpful for me as a first-year teacher! It broke down a lot of the stress that many of my friends are focusing on (the decor of the room). These four things that stood out to me as what I would like to make sure is set in stone before I start – “have communication plan, classroom management readiness, masterful morning procedures, and supply management.” Creating a good environment for communicating with parents is crucial to have a successful teaching career. I am already thinking of great ways to incorporate fun activities in the mornings, and manage behavior! I haven’t thought too much about supplies yet, because I am not sure what is already in the classroom and what/if extra things are needed.

I really think the part about the questions you should be prepared to answer from parents is extremely useful! They are listed below.

  • How can parents stay up-to-date on what is going on in the classroom? Will you have a newsletter, a blog, a website or wiki, a homework book, a student planner, a behavior log?
  • If you are going to have a newsletter, how often will you send it home, and    where can parents expect to find it?
  • Will you send home graded papers on a daily basis, or in a Friday or Monday folder?
  • What is the best way for parents to contact you if they have a question or concern?
  • How can parents expect to hear from you about a child’s behavior, good or bad?  Will you call them directly, send them an email, or send a note home in their backpack?

Calming with “quiet critters” (174 out of 365) #blogaday

These are super cute and easy to make!! One concern is that the very young students might be distracted by them on their desks, but they could just lose privilege of having them if they were touched? It would be an interesting change also if the “critters” went into the bucket when it was quiet for the whole class – and how many they got each day could earn the whole class something.

http://miss-jessie-mac.blogspot.com.au/2012/12/quiet-critters.html?m=1 quiet critters