Love getting letters (237 out of 365) #blogaday

Teachers are often showered with children’s notes and gifts – I got my first one today! The girl made it at home, which shows me she remembered who I am as her teacher 🙂 There are my initials on the paper (HG) and a heart. I am very glad that this girl in particular gave me a note because she only just started in my classroom last week. I have made an impact already, and that feels great!student note


Tracing the techniques (61 out of 365) #blogaday #sol15

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I ordered Teach like a Champion by Doug Lemov a while back, and received it in the mail yesterday. I started reading it over, and there are so many important techniques to keep in mind in order to be a successful teacher – the overall topics I have heard of before like setting high expectations, building trust, having clear behavioral expectations but some of the individual techniques within each are new and it is interesting to read! I just started flipping through Chapter one about the techniques behind having high expectations, and I’m looking forward to opening my eyes to new ideas and tucking them away for when I teach. I plan to try some out next term with full-time teaching, but some will be difficult since it hasn’t been my class for the whole year. I was forced to stop looking at my professional development books for a few weeks due to the intense load of school and needing to relax in a different way. I plan to bring some of these with me when I go home for Spring Break, so I can slowly read through them all and take notes. I have post-its, tabs, and highlighter in many of the pages and the system is color-coded across all the books 😮 I want it to be obvious to me which note is on a page that I am turning to. teach like a champ postTeaching is all about having a certain mindset and loving what you do. I like the fact that I became interested in professional development books because it is helping see more resources for teaching and a range of ideas. It is beneficial for me to understand how other teachers succeed, so I can know how to test out my own strategies and what to do when they don’t all work effectively. This graduate program has been great because we will be teachers after one year, but it is also too fast in the sense that we haven’t practiced teaching very much – the first term of observing could have been almost part-time (a few weeks less than half the term). Many already graduated peers have said that Spring term really prepares you for teaching, and being organized over the summer, so we’ll see if I agree when that time comes! teach like a champ post2