Reality rainbow (242 out of 365) #blogaday

I really like this idea for All About Me! It is a cute way to express yourself, with the colors of the rainbow – the students write down their age, number of siblings, pets, favorite color, favorite food, and job choice. This will be great for the children to share in front of the class so everyone can learn more about each other 🙂



Taking a teaching position (172 out of 365) #blogaday

Yesterday, I visited a school where I was offered a teaching position – I really liked it! My classroom was HUGE, and I will be coteaching with another new teacher fresh out of college. It is a pretty flimsy curriculum-hold on the teaching that is done, which will allow me to come up with more engaging lessons and play centers for the students. I can’t believe I have a job 🙂 I will be sending my acceptance email to them today! My job is teaching pre-K at Lake Oswego KinderCare, and I want to start looking at the curriculum more closely and getting some extra materials together. Only a few more weeks to focus on classes and assignments 😮


Placement is like my profession? (91 out of 365) #blogaday

Yesterday, it HIT me.

I have been:

  • getting up every morning at 7 am to head to the school
  • staying until 4 or 5 pm to plan
  • teaching most of the day
Then, it HIT me.

This is what real teaching will be like 🙂 I am already exhausted after a week and a half! I enjoy every minute of the day with the students, so don’t regret choosing this profession.

But, it HIT me.

How tired I am going to be from putting all my effort and energy into my students. How I am going to be a zombie after the long day at school. How I am practically being an adult with a job now.

it HIT me. placement job