Adjusting to almost January (354 out of 365) #blogaday

Now that it is almost January (ridiculous!), I wanted to look back on what I wrote about over this past year. I focused on the 8th of random months because that is the day that I discovered the #blogaday challenge. I will be reposting my actual FIRST post of the challenge as the LAST post of the challenge to make it come full circle. It was really interesting to reread what I had written and see the differences in the posts as time went on – #59 versus #180 versus #271 is very different. 59 is about Spring term coming soon and figuring out the change in pacing, whereas 180 is getting my job offer at Kindercare! I really enjoyed this process, and time did take in effect with technically missing some days and having to make them up by posting more than once a day – the challenge was quite open-ended so I took it as more about sitting down to post every day (if you can), but mainly making sure you get to 365 posts in the year of blogging.january coming post

Seeing the difference in length between the posts was quite interesting as well. I was really into getting all my thoughts down and flushing out what I had to say in the beginning because I had the time to write multiple paragraphs before bed. But the one in October shows more what my posts have become – very short, with a picture (maybe), and some form of emotion ha. It makes sense that you would become wary and want to just write to get out the tally for the post that day, but I can definitely see that it will be hard to stop blogging every day or feeling the need to. I will definitely blog every week or every few days because it has become part of my routine! AND I LOVE HOW IT IS AN ARCHIVE OF MY LIFE 🙂




This is post (2 of 4) for today in order to catch up for #blogaday.


Perusing through past posts (239 out of 365) #blogaday

I have been writing on this blog since November of last year! The daily posts started in January, and I can’t believe how quickly this experience has flown by 😮 I still have over 100 days of the challenge, but the others vanished in a blink so it won’t take much time – reminiscing at the old pictures I posted and the pages that I am no longer writing on (Field placement, Getting through Grad School) is really bringing back memories! It doesn’t feel that long ago when I was in the midst of my masters program, and meeting the second graders for my Fall term observation around this time last year. I will definitely keep up a blog for my teaching experiences and reflecting on my life! It has been a very fun journaling activity, and now I have a record of this time forever online 🙂

The picture below is from the FIRST reflection post during the #blogaday challenge!

travel teddy!
This picture is also relevant NOW because the “Traveling Teddy Bear” will be starting in a few weeks, so I will know my date and place for my class’ bear!