BBQ to meet the NEW (194 out of 365) #blogaday

Today, we have a BBQ to wrap up the end of the our year, and the beginning of the new cohort’s year. It will be interesting to compare how we were when we started to what we are like now. Even though it is only one year, there has been a BIG change in most of the graduate students – we have actual teaching jobs and have grown through the field placement work. I wish the best for the new members!


Maximizing my teacher mojo! (26 out of 365) #blogaday

I want to focus on treating yourself with a new-found passion in this post.

Since being a teacher is in the forefront of my sights as I am now part-time and will be full-time teaching, I have found myself excited by reading books (not required for classes) that are about being a good teacher. Something about having them recommended to me by my CT, teachers, peers, or on blogs makes it seem more interesting than being assigned to read it. I can make time to highlight and grow from reading the books and will be able to look at them throughout my teaching career. My CT says that she glances at Fred Jones’ “Tools for Teaching” every year and finds new things to incorporate! Amazon and other online book stores sell the ones that I have written down i.e. – “Teach like a Champion,” “7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” “How to talk so kids can learn,” and “Mindset: The new psychology to success.” I have already bought myself “The Skillful Teacher,” “Droodles,” and “Tools for Teaching” for about $15 total :o. “Skillful Teacher” arrived at the end of last week and I have already read the introduction and dog-eared some pages  professional-development post2As a graduate student in an intensive program, it is necessary to have something to look forward to, like reading, that doesn’t involve homework. I have an actual non-education book that I am reading as well, but these professional development texts are really sparking my interest and keeping me excited for teaching my own class soon! I know it is DoRkY for me to be reading and buying myself theory-type texts, but I want to know all the different ways to help my students and if my teachers and CT recommend them, it is probably a very helpful book.

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