The time has come!

Over this past holiday weekend, I realized that I only have 9 more days (8 now!) left on the term before I am heading back home 😮 This term has been immensely more successful in terms of my teaching and the positivity of the teachers around me. I have actually been able to teach full days with my cooperating teacher out of the room, or even not at school at all! There was a day when she had a substitute and I was completely on my own for management and organizing the day. I was nervous, but she gave me her confidence and the students did not turn the classroom upside down – heck, they almost tied with me in the point system I use! There are always certain parts of some days where the students are chattier and we have to stop more often to wait; however, I would not at all consider this term a failure. I have learned that I still love teaching elementary, and have grown confidence in myself as a teacher and with building relationships with my students. The same students that move my cooperating teacher through the roof have pushed my buttons as well, but by taking some of their rewards away, they were aware that I was in charge.


Tomorrow is my last time for teaching all day..this is bittersweet – on one hand, I am exhausted and ready for a break, BUT I love the students and have really gotten into the rhythm of how to teach the third grade class. I have applied to many jobs and submitted my EdTPA for approval – now I am just waiting to hear! I really want to have an actual job in January, and a passing mark for my license is a must 🙂 I plan to give many people Thank You notes and/or flowers for all of their help this term with financial issues, registering issues, and general help along my journey! I know I still have 8 days until I actually leave, but I am already feeling the ache in my heart for the kids and the experience. I will also miss my current roommate and her cat very much – we plan to see each other often though!



How ’bout a haiku?

The beginning of the term is starting next week, and I have been in the third grade classroom for two weeks already – I am in a much better mindset about my full-time teaching! I took over some lessons for a few days this week when my teacher was away and they went very well 🙂 I’m just hoping for the best now as the term starts. I wrote a Haiku to get out my thoughts…
Teaching, my passion
Last college term is starting
Hope it’s a great one!



Suddenly spring?! (59 out of 365) #blogaday #sol15

SOL day 8

slice of life logoAt the fifth grade team meeting this week, it hit me that the term is almost over! There is only one more week and a few days until I will be on a break to relax with my family 🙂 I am nervous for full-time teaching and beyond, but also excited to be done with the term and catch up on sleep. I met with the Kindergarten teacher that I am completing my last practicum with, and it was surreal. Teaching almost every week of next term is coming up! I met some of my new CT’s students and they were very sweet – she explained how she lets her student teachers slowly start taking over. Since Kindergarten is still half day, she has the graduate students observe in the morning and teach it in the afternoon. It helped calm me down, which was nice, because I am always on edge when meeting new students who I will be teaching. Even though I am not the official teacher yet, what I do still makes an impact on the children and it is an intense situation to wrap my head around! spring post2As this program moves forward with the field placements, I am learning so much about teaching and how to manage a class. It is great that I get to practice teaching before having to do it in my own classroom! I have been thinking a lot about how I will be doing this as a real teacher, and the intensity of setting up my classroom as well as a new apartment in the city I end up in. I am trying to keep thinking about one day at a time because it stresses me out to think to far into the future, but it is somewhat soothing to think about. I look forward to full-time teaching next term, and definitely having the break in about a week and a half! spring post