CT’s tools for teaching (36 out of 365) #blogaday

“Some of our colleagues find the job energizing...they work smart, not hard” (Jones).

A few weeks ago when I stayed after school, my CT decided that she was going to change the desk formation. I was expecting her to just rearranging in groups, rather than rows and move one. BUT, she pulled out a book entitled, “Tools for Teaching,” opened to the section on classroom structure, and started naming off various arrangements. I walked over because I could not envision what she was describing to me. She swears by this book!  (She re-reads it every year and finds different things in it every time :o) Naturally, I wrote down the book’s name and author, and found a very cheap one for myself. It arrived today in the mail and it is amazing! I have only read section one, which is two chapters (one about “natural” teachers and prevention). My CT is definitely a “natural” teacher because you can’t tell what her management structure is, but the students are all doing work productively as she walks around and monitors. She only has to say one sound for them to be quiet! tools for teaching post2I really want to practice the fundamentals of “Say, see, do”/Working the room/Meaning business every year and become a highly effective teacher. Right now, it is still difficult in the moment to get used to incentives, hand signals, walking around the room, and teaching all at the same time – I can usually do two of the four but forget the others. Teaching is a learning process in itself and that is why we get to teach lessons in another teacher’s space. Our CT is always there to help when you get in a jam; mine gives me great advice during and after my lessons to make sure I improve each time. I was doing well last week, but am lingering back and forth now a bit. I have to try and remind myself of the things to focus on before I teach math lessons because I can get flustered in the moment. I’ll keep you all updated on the various professional development books, field placement news, and my overall teaching experience 🙂tools for teaching post1